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A tradition of quality

Wasta Konserven was founded in 1949 and this has already entered its third generation in the center of the lower Bavarian vegetable cultivation.

Flexible national and international shipping:
Whether national or international, we will find a solution to satisfy our customers.
Due to our modern in-house vehicle fleet, we can quickly and reliably deliver our goods to the customer.

The ingredients list is partly available in German, English, Spanish, Russian, French and Swedish.

The controlled, integrated cultivation is carried out solely by local contract farmers in the immediate area. We can therefore guarantee you the best quality and freshness in a glass jar or can.
In addition, our products are continuously tested from the time the goods are received, to production and shipment of the goods to fulfill our strict quality criteria. By performing analyses in our internal laboratory and random sample tests performed by independent external laboratories, we can consistently ensure you excellent quality.
We build upon careful and tasteful preparation from the best raw materials, natural aromas, exquisite herbs and spices using the many years of experienced personnel with our in-house recipes.

Of course, we also produce for your individual taste: Do you want something sweet or sour, more or less aroma, with or without preservatives: Not a problem; we will gladly fulfill your wishes.